Brush Sanding Machine

Brush sanding machines

Brush sanding is becomming more and more popular in the modern woodworking industry.

The latest developments in this field show that the use of sanding strips and heavy support brushes lead to very good finishing results in a lot of applications.

SlipCon Finishing Systems offers a wide range of brush sanding machines with innovative technical features. Our aim is to offer the best solution for your finishing problems. This includes industrial finishing lines and smaller workshop applications.

The new Perfection BBDD brush sander

In August 2003, SlipCon USA Inc, introduced the first Discmaster brush sander to the American market. The Discmaster  was built by a German manufacturer, but was designed and patented by Poul Lundum who owns SlipCon Finishing Systems.

At the AWFS fair in Las Vegas In August 2005, SlipCon USA Inc, introduced the first new SlipCon Perfection BBDD sander. The machine has 2 drums in front, followed by 11 oscillating and rotating discs.  The machine is now built in SlipCon’s own factory in Denmark and  has been improved a lot from the past with changes requested by some of  the leading and largest cabinet manufacturers in America.

Since SlipCon USA Inc, introduced the new SlipCon Perfection BBDD to America, more than 40 machines have been sold and are running in production from 8-24 hours every day.

If you are located in the USA and are looking to buy a brush sander/denibber, please do no hesitate to contact us. SlipCon USA Inc. has their own demo truck. They can bring the machine to your facility so you can see the final result with your own products and coatings. We also have showrooms located in Denmark, Spain, Canada and USA.